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30Dec 09

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Highlights Of 2013

Posted by Heather

     Happy New Year to all of you!  I hope that this will be a great year for us all.  Now that the new year is upon us, I’d like to take a few minutes to reflect on some of the good things that happened for me in 2013.

     The biggest things that happened for me involved music – the thing I love most. :)  For much of my life, I have considered myself to be primarily a singer. ( and I do still play the piano, occasionally ) I love to sing, and there isn’t much that brings me more joy in life than singing something I love in front of an appreciative audience. It’s a really good feeling.  I sing simply because I enjoy it, and it makes me feel happy – I’ve never had any delusions about fame or fortune.  This past year, however, I branched out and started writing lyrics with a new close friend, who writes music.  We wrote 2 songs together so far, one of which is currently being re-mixed by another mutual friend. We got together several times each month to work on music, have long chats, and a few laughs. I also became a Member of SOCAN , which was pretty exciting. I look forward to a lot more songwriting this year, and being able to share the results with you all.

     We continued  going to Karaoke fairly regularly, as it really is good practice to keep the voice in tune, and help get over the nerves. Every time you go, you are faced with a new audience, and another opportunity to try different genres, and build your confidence. This is especially good for those of us that are innately shy.  We brought a lot of new friends out with us to these fun nights last year, and had a lot of really amazing times, both singing and dancing. It is always a good crowd – supportive, down to earth, and fun-loving.

     As always, we did a lot of hiking during the year – probably more than the previous ones. We still favour Francis Point,  still go to Smuggler’s Cove once in a while, as well as the Skookumchuck, but we went on a new one this year: The Tetrahedron.  This was very different than any of the other hikes we’ve been on up here – and I will write a post about it soon, with some pics. 

     On days when we didn’t have the time to go on long hikes, we went on a lot of walks at nearby Davis Bay. 

Davis Bay Walk

     It is always a pleasant walk – the scenery is gorgeous, and the people you meet always have a smile for you.  We often follow our walk with a coffee and snack at Pier 17 across the way – we sit at a little Bistro Table overlooking the water – so relaxing. We have witnessed many a glorious sunset over Davis Bay, from that vantage point.

     As of last year, my Husband and I now both have Kayaks. This was one of the best decisions we’ve made in the 5 years  that we’ve been living up on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, hands down.  As I have mentioned several times before, I have mainly been considered a “City Girl”, both by my friends, and myself, in the past.  I have to tell you, though, there is something absolutely mind-blowingly amazing about being out in a kayak on a sunny Summer’s Day.  Not only is there the obvious fact that you are getting fresh air, exercise, sunshine etc., but it is just the most incredibly peaceful and therapeutic thing, as well.  It didn’t matter how bad my week had been, or how stressful – I simply could not wipe the smile off my face each time we paddled up the Inlet.  The scenery was incredible – the wildlife abundant: we regularly saw Eagles, Seals, Salmon jumping out of the water, Sea Stars and Sea Cucumbers and so much more. We found some little beaches that are water-access only, where you can go and have your Lunch, and relax for a while before you continue on your journey. Some of these places even have places to camp, and portable washroom facilities.  I have to say that the times we went out kayaking this past Summer were definitely some of the happiest times we had all year. ( and now that we have the Kayaks, this fun doesn’t cost a thing )

Sechelt Inlet Kayaking

    We had a family member come for a nice visit in the Summer time, as well, and I went on a Road Trip with some good friends for a few days in September.  There were many Dinner Parties, Barbecues, Fundraisers, nights of dancing and singing and visiting with friends and family …

     So, once again, the year was filled with music, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending quality time with the people we love the most … not a bad year at all, if you ask me. :)

     I wish you all a healthy, happy, joyful New Year in 2014 – may it be the year that your dreams come true !!!

In life
28May 13

     I was brought up to respect the privacy of others, and that is something I take very seriously. I consider myself to be a private person, as well, and don’t go discussing my personal business with just anyone. I tend to choose my words very carefully, and it is very important to me that they are not hurtful or damaging to anyone.

     I have wanted to touch on the subject of loss and grieving for a while now, but have been waiting for “the right time”. It is not a pleasant subject, and not one that most people are willing/able to discuss. It is definitely not something that would normally be in my “comfort zone” to put out in a public forum.  However, I feel very strongly that it is something I must do.

     2010 was the worst year of my life.  In October of that year, we lost my Sister Leslie in a tragic accident, then my Mom,  five weeks later, in November, after a series of Strokes.  There are no words to convey how utterly soul-destroying losing the two closest women in my life was. It has been a long, dark, difficult road since then.

     Trying to find a reason to get out of bed every morning after that was one of  the biggest challenges, along with feeling like I was losing my mind.  It’s interesting – even though many people go through loss every single day , you feel utterly alone on so many levels – you feel as though no one else could possibly understand what you are feeling.

     I could go on for hours about all the thoughts and feelings I experienced along the way … but that is not the point of this post. I am not writing this looking for sympathy – I simply want to mention a few things that I learned on this most difficult journey:

     The most important thing I have learned is that “Life is short” is not just another cliché to be brushed off in our youth.  My Mom used to always say it, and we never understood. You can’t possibly understand it until someone you love that is far too young is taken from you, suddenly. I used to spend way too much time worrying about the past, letting it haunt me, or stressing about the future/things that really don’t matter. I have learned to be in the present now, to enjoy every moment, every experience, cherish my friends and family, laugh more, let loose …

     The next biggest thing I have taken from this, is that grieving is a lifelong process. Many people ( generally people that have not suffered this kind of loss ) seem to feel that “It’s been a year now, you should be feeling better”. I can assure you, there is no time limit on grieving, and there will never be a time that I feel “o.k.” about the fact that my Sister and Mom are gone. “They” say “time heals all wounds” – well, that, too, is something that people who truly don’t know say, trying to comfort you. Grieving is a process, and everyone goes through different phases of varying lengths of time, and there is no right or wrong.

     One thing that came as a surprise to me is that the people you think would be most likely to call you up and see if you are alright, aren’t necessarily the ones that do.  We may assume that certain people we have known all our lives would be right there for us, but this is not always the case.  On the flip side, I have had people I barely know come up to me in the mall, wrap their arms around me, cry with me, and talk for 20 minutes about what happened. I feel very fortunate to live in such a close-knit community, where people genuinely care about each other. It has almost literally blown my mind how many kind souls have spent time speaking with me since all this happened, offering to help in any way they can.  I have made some close friends since that time - real, caring compassionate people who reached out to someone they barely knew, in an obvious time of need. It still amazes me.

     Another thing I’ve learned is that people mean well.  Many are uncomfortable talking about it when people die – clearly it is not a pleasant or cheery subject. I’ve had  people say they “didn’t want to bring it up” for fear that it would remind me/upset me, clearly not “getting” that it is constantly at the forefront of my mind. Some people avoid you for a while, unsure what to say/do.  Others feel the need to say something profound, when all that is truly needed is to know that people care, and are there for you, if necessary – and often, that’s just for hugs.  Death is an uncomfortable topic to discuss, for sure, and if you haven’t lost someone close to you, you can’t possibly comprehend.

     I am definitely not the same person I was before losing my Sister Leslie, and my Mom.  Only recently have I begun to feel that I am “turning the corner”, and that maybe, just maybe, the worst of the grieving is behind me.  I absolutely know that it will take a very, very long time before I feel “whole” again, if that’s even possible.  I am, however, surrounding myself with new friends lately that seem to bring out the best in me, love me unconditionally, and understand if  a certain song “sets me off” and I need to take a few minutes to compose myself. Many of them have also suffered recent losses, and mine have helped me understand what they are going through. Sometimes we want to be out with our good friends, sometimes we need to be alone – real friends understand that, and don’t try and drag you out when you aren’t feeling up to it.

     Surviving great loss makes you realize so many things: you are much stronger than you know, every moment in life is precious, and you must stop wasting time with people/things that don’t bring you joy.  You must honour the memory of your lost loved ones – talk about them, laugh, cry, share stories … but most importantly, honour them by following your own dreams, doing what you love – you know that’s what they would have wanted.

     If you, or someone you know, has suffered a recent loss, this book was unbelievably helpful to me:  “Transcending Loss” by Ashley Davis Bush.

The Voice Season 3

Posted by Heather
In events, music
6Nov 12

     As many of you know, both my Husband and I have watched “The Voice” since it first came on the air.  Obviously, as a singer, I find it interesting, but he does, too. We both like the fact that during the “Blind Auditions”, the judges cannot see the contestants. This eliminates the tendency to judge people based on what they look like, how they dress, carry themselves,  how old they are, amongst other things. We are not generally fans of “reality T.V.” per se, as there is a lot of garbage out there, clearly. This show, however, deeply engages us week after week.

     One of the reasons we enjoy watching the show so much is that the coaches – Christina, Blake, Adam, and Cee-Lo – genuinely seem to care about their teams. ( not just because they want someone from their team to “win” the show, but because they truly want to help nurture them as artists ) It is always interesting watching the process, as the artists learn, grow, conquer fears, and try new things that the coaches suggest.

     Both of us tend to root for the “Underdogs” – the shy, quiet people without much self-confidence – often the ones that have had a very hard life, or are a bit older.  I fully understand what it feels like to love to sing more than anything else in the world, but to be painfully shy, and doubt yourself constantly. It isn’t easy, and I commend these people for having the guts to do this, even though it likely terrifies them. I find it very emotional watching their segments, when they talk about how much music means to them, and how much doing well on the show could change their lives. I can only imagine how mind-blowingly awesome it would be to have the opportunity for that kind of exposure and mentoring. ( sadly, there is still no equivalent of this show in Canada )

     Although there are a lot of shy competitors, there are also some that come across as over-confident, ( yes, this may just be false bravado ) even cocky. Some of these people tend to say things in the clips that we don’t think are very nice, especially during the Battle Rounds.  We get that it is a competition, but there is never any need to say bad things about others. Nothing is more of a turn-off than a loud, obnoxious, in-your-face person who basically says they are going to beat the other person, hands down. We always smile when these over-confident people lose to the shy, quiet polite ones. :) Perhaps they will learn to keep their ego in check, in future.

     As for Season 3 so far, there is a lot of talent !  The Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds are complete, and on Monday, the Playoff Round began. ( The second part of that will be airing tomorrow night. ) The teams right now are narrowed down to 5 members each.  Blake and Adam’s teams performed on Monday, and tomorrow night, Christina and Cee-Lo’s teams sing.  Starting this week, the audience ( in the U.S.) will  have a say as to what happens – they are able to vote for their favourite contestants now .

     So far, our favourite on Christina’s team is De’borah – she has an incredible voice, a great vibe, and she is completely ” herself ” all the time. It’s like she doesn’t even have to try – she’s just such a cool person. ( and what’s even more appealing is that she is modest and humble about her talent )

     On Blake’s team, my husband and I like Michaela Paige for her unique style, consistently good voice, and her stage presence. Liz Davis is the perfect Country singer, in so many ways, and Terry McDermott is the classic “rocker” that keeps the audience engaged.

     We feel the strongest players on Adam’s team are Melanie Martinez, who has a hauntingly beautiful voice, and fabulous style, and Amanda Brown, who comes across as a seasoned pro. They both seem to be “the total package” – phenomenal voices, they know how to present themselves, work the stage, and capture the audience’s full attention at all times.

     Ceelo’s best team members, in our opinion, are the smooth-as-silk Trevin Hunte, and the funky, soulful Nicholas David.  Both of these guys have unreal voices, full of emotion and conviction, when they sing.

     It will be interesting to see how things play out, over the next few weeks.  One thing is for sure: it will be very entertaining and inspiring, and we will be watching!

     As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are usually lucky to see our friend Brandon Isaak maybe once a year anymore, if that.  Well, 2012 has been a good year so far for “catching up” with our buddy. We saw him playing his solo gig in June at the Garden Bay Pub, then we had the good fortune of seeing him again on July 9th at the very same venue.  This time, he was playing with his friend ( and “Twisters” bandmate ) Keith Picot, as a duo.

     As an added bonus, Brandon had told me that his parents were going to be there, too. I was so excited to hear that, as they still live up in the Yukon, and I hadn’t seen them in many, many years. Ed and Donna took really good care of me that Summer long ago that I spent in the Yukon, and I will never forget their kindness.

     He also mentioned that I was finally going to meet his “Girls” – meaning the lovely Patti, and their beautiful Daughter, Kiko.  ( you just have to hear his song, dedicated to her – “KIKO” )

     As always, we arrived at the Pub early to make sure we were able to get good seats. We chatted with Brandon and Keith a bit, then Brandon told me to go over to the Dining Room side.  His parents were having dinner over there before the show, and he knew we’d be anxious to see each other after all these years. I totally welled up with tears when I saw Ed and Donna – they looked wonderful – just as I remembered them. We did a lot of hugging and talking, and it was so great to see them – brought back so many happy memories. Patti and Kiko arrived at their table a few minutes later, so I got to meet them for the first time – both such beautiful ladies ! Shortly thereafter, their dinner arrived, so I headed back over to the Pub side – it was almost show time.

Donna and Ed Isaak and Heather Doré

There was a pretty good turnout at the Garden Bay Pub that night, which is no surprise. Not only is it one of the best live music venues on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, but Brandon and Keith have quite a loyal following. We saw many familiar faces in the crowd – many of whom had made a long drive just to be there.
These guys never disappoint – when you see them perform, you are thoroughly entertained. They play some amazing Blues, but they also pepper the evening with their witty banter, which makes it even more fun for the audience. They draw everyone in, make you feel a part of it, and it’s just one big happy family in there. This night was no exception – the boys were in fine form.
After Ed and Donna had finished their dinner, they came over to the Pub side to see the show, and asked if they could sit with us. I was overjoyed, as it meant we got to visit for another couple of hours, and “catch up” some more. The night could not have been more perfect – definitely one of the highlights of my Summer. Ed got up and joined the guys for a song, as well, which was awesome – I hadn’t seen him perform in a long time – and it was very cool.

Keith Picot, Ed Isaak, and Brandon Isaak

     I had to work the next morning, so we hadn’t planned on staying too late, ( it’s about an hour drive home on a very long, winding road ) but we were having such a fabulous time, that we just couldn’t leave. I was so happy to be spending time with Ed and Donna, as well.  As usual, we stayed until the end, then I got my traditional pics with the Boys.

     It was really hard to say “Goodbye” to Brandon’s parents, as I don’t know when we’ll see them again. ( but we agreed that it wouldn’t be nearly as long next time ) There were many more hugs, and I struggled to hold back tears once again.  What an amazing night !  This is what life is all about – spending time with good friends, listening to fantastic music, food, drinks, the perfect venue, and a warm Summer breeze … it doesn’t get any better than that.

Brandon Isaak, Heather Doré, Keith Picot

     If you are new to my blog posts, then you may not know who my friend Brandon Isaak is. ( a.k.a. “Yukon Slim” )  To give you a little bit of background, you may wish to read my two previous posts about him: Yukon Buddy , and Yukon Buddy Part 2 – The Twisters.   That way, we can just continue with the story …

     So, the last time we’d seen Brandon was in 2010, with the Twisters, at the Garden Bay Pub.  We didn’t get a chance to see him play at all in 2011, so that was a bit of a drag.  Brandon is always posting his upcoming gigs on Facebook etc., and when I see these, I always ask him, “When are you coming to play on The Sunshine Coast ( of B.C. ) again? “.  Well, a few months back, I got a response: he was going to be playing a solo gig at Garden Bay for the Pender Harbour Blues Festival.  It was going to be a “Dinner Show”, on the restaurant side of the Garden Bay Hotel. ( we usually see him on the Pub side )

     My husband and I thought this would be pretty cool for several reasons: we’d never seen Brandon play on his own before, we’d never eaten on the other side of the venue, and it would mean a really nice night out for us.  June 2nd was a sunny Saturday, and the drive up to Garden Bay was absolutely wonderful.  We got there a little early,  I had a drink on the pub side first, then we moved to the Dining Room.

     We had a lovely little table with a great view of the water.

Our Table At Garden Bay Restaurant

We had only been there a few minutes, when Brandon came in, and saw us. We all exchanged warm hugs, had a bit of a chat, then he started setting up.  We ordered dinner, and our meal was delicious. It was a perfect night – good food, an incredible view, and great entertainment.  As always, Brandon came and sat with us between sets, so we could “catch up”.  We always have such an awesome time when we go see Brandon play – not just because he’s my friend, but because he is a tremendously talented entertainer, and a very funny guy. 

Yukon Slim and Heather Doré

Lund and Savary Island, B.C.

Posted by Heather
In life
30Jul 12

    Recently, I had some time off work, and my husband and I decided to take a few days away not too far from where we live.  We drove up B.C.’s Sunshine Coast to Egmont, caught the Earl’s Cove Ferry, and in just 50 minutes, we were at the Saltery Bay terminal. This is one ferry I’d never been on before – it was nice – a smaller version of the ones I’m used to, but a lot more peaceful.  Once we disembarked, we drove for about 1/2 an hour, then stopped in Powell River for coffee and a snack, and to look around a bit. Turns out they had a few stores we don’t, so I was happy we had checked it out. I ended up buying a few items that I really liked, so it was well worthwhile. I liked the vibe of the town – had a really good feel to it, and the scenery and people were lovely.

     After that, we drove for another half hour or so, and reached our destination – Lund. I had booked a few nights at the historic Lund Hotel , so we could have some quiet, relaxing time away.  Our room was overlooking the water, had a King sized bed, both a large bathtub and a glass shower, and a nice balcony with a great view.

     After we had checked into our room and unloaded our things, we went for lunch downstairs at the Pub, right in the Lund Hotel.  ( They have both a restaurant and a Pub on site )  It was a hot, sunny day, so we sat out on the patio, and I couldn’t have been happier. ( you know I love my sun ;)  I had one of the best Spinach Salads I’ve ever had – it was unreal.  We did a bit of ” people watching ” , and enjoyed the view of the water, and the boats coming and going. Since we knew the weather was supposed to be “off and on” during our stay, my husband suggested we change into our bathing suits, and take a water taxi to Savary island.  The water taxi place is literally steps from the Hotel, and we were lucky to be able to book something fairly soon after lunch.

     I’d done some research about Savary Island - most descriptions say that it is similar to a tropical island, and there is some of the warmest water this side of Mexico. That, coupled with some white sandy beaches, and I was sold … It only took about 7-8 minutes in the power boat to arrive at the Island, so that was nice. We’d booked our return trip in advance ( that’s how they do it ) so we knew we had a few hours to enjoy. I found a nice stretch of beach, lay out my towel, and basked in the sun. My husband went snorkelling for a while. It was a perfect afternoon.  Hot sun, and relaxation – no stress, no worries – these are the things that make me happy. It was so nice to lay on a beach and not have anyone nearby. There were other people around, but it wasn’t crowded and uncomfortable, like at many beaches we’re used to.

     I was really glad we went to Savary Island on that first day, as  the weather ended up being the best of our time up there.  We both loved it there, and thought we may even like to stay there for a few days another time – they do have some Bed and Breakfasts there.  I would definitely go there again – it was just beautiful. ( and I didn’t see a single mosquito – seriously )

     The rest of our days and nights were spent taking it pretty easy – walking around looking at all the boats, visiting the well-known Nancy’s Bakery, the Art Gallery, eating incredibly delicious ( yet very reasonably priced ) meals at the Lund Hotel Pub, sleeping in, watching the sunset from our balcony …

     We had wanted to do some kayaking while up there – particularly around Desolation Sound, but the weather was a little too unpredictable.  We didn’t want to book something, then have lousy weather.  This was a good decision, as one day it rained a little bit, and the other was grey and breezy, and the water rather choppy. We both love to kayak, but if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, and hoping for nice scenery, going in bad weather doesn’t make much sense.  We decided to go on a dinner cruise up to Desolation Sound, instead - good choice.

     The scenery was beautiful, the food was great, and the people running it were polite, courteous, and professional, and lots of fun.  It was a good way to see the things we wanted to, and stay warm and dry.

     An interesting fact about Lund, B.C. is that it is the “end” of Highway 101 - or some like to say the beginning.  It stretches from here to Chile.

     Here is a picture of the Lund Hotel:

     To sum up our time in Lund and on Savary Island, I have to say, it was just what we needed.  These are places to go to relax and unwind, and enjoy being in/on the water.  If you are lucky enough to have a boat of your own – this is paradise.  The people are friendly and down-to-earth, the food was amazing, and I have a new favourite cocktail: The Lund Sunset.  Speaking of Lund Sunsets, those were absolutely gorgeous, as well …

P.I.N.K. Method – Update

Posted by Heather
In events, life
27Jun 12

     For those of you that didn’t know, I started a new workout routine that has a nutritional component to it, back in February.  I think I was just about 3 weeks into it when I wrote my first post about the P.I.N.K. Method.

PINK METHOD - Heather Doré Pic 1

Heather Doré P.I.N.K. Method 1

     I finished the program around the third week of April, after completing the initial Reset Phase, and Phases 1, 2, and 3 ( with Resets in between ).  I have to laugh now, looking back on my original post where I mentioned that some of the workouts in Phase 1 were challenging … I had no idea at that point what was in store for me. Phases 2 and 3 really ramped up the workouts, and not only did I notice lots of great changes in how I felt, but suddenly, my clothes were all enormous on me. This meant I had to go shopping – what a drag. ;)

     I was down a couple of pant sizes part way through Phase 2, and went out and bought 4 new pairs of dress pants for work.  A few weeks later, I went down yet another 2 sizes, and got more pants. After completion, I’m down 2 more sizes.  I’ve lost a total of 28 pounds, which seems crazy, as weight loss was not my intention at all.

     After the program is over, you can do the ” 7 Day Shred” if you are within 5 pounds of your “goal weight”.  Since I didn’t plan on losing weight, and I already lost plenty, I didn’t do this.  I just went straight to “P.I.N.K. Preservation”, which is basically your long term plan for maintaining your new shape, and healthy lifestyle.  It is pretty straightforward: you continue to make healthy food choices, control your portion size, monitor your weight ( if that is a concern ) and stay active for life.

     I was pretty much “winging it”, and just decided to continue eating as I did while on the program, and cutting my workouts down to only 3 ( 1 hour intense sessions ) per week.  I was hoping this would maintain things, and that I wouldn’t lose any more weight. At first, I continued to lose a few more pounds, but thankfully, I seem to have “levelled off” now.  Obviously, everyone is different, and has to figure this out for themselves, to see what works for them.

     I am fortunate – I have never been “overweight” in my entire life, but clearly, I wasn’t in the best shape I was capable of being. I only know that now, looking back, and knowing how different I feel. I am stronger, more fit and healthy, and I don’t ever want to lose this feeling. This is a lifestyle change, plain and simple. It feels good to do something for yourself – most of us tend to neglect ourselves – caring about your health and well-being is important.

     So, whether you have low energy, want to lose some weight, or just start taking good care of yourself, I would highly recommend the P.I.N.K. Method. It truly has changed my life, and I feel great!

PINK Method - Heather Doré Pic 2

Heather Doré P.I.N.K. Method 2

“You Belong To Me”

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In career, music
27May 12

     I recorded my first CD back in 2005, called “I’m Beginning To See The Light“.  Most of the songs are 1920′s – 1950′s Big Band/Swing/Lounge, and by far, my favourite song on that CD is “You Belong To Me”.  I’m sure the first version I ever heard of that song when I was a little girl was Dean Martin’s.  It was only a few years ago that I heard the version I would come to love most – that of Jo Stafford.

     Of all the songs I have recorded, this is the song I get asked about most.  A friend in White Rock told me he heard my version of it played at someone’s Wedding, and it seems to be a favourite at Karaoke – especially for the people who were around when the original was recorded. I was asked to sing it at a Wedding last year, as well. It was recently put on a Jazz Lounge Compilation CD in Taiwan and China, which was pretty cool.  ( Disc 2 Track 8 )

     A D.J. in Buenos Aires, Argentina dedicated half an hour to my CD shortly after it was released.  José Luis Ajzenmesser had a radio show called “La Guagua” , and it was mostly Jazz. He contacted me to let me know he wanted to feature my CD, and he played several songs from it during the show. He mentioned that he loved my version of “You Belong To Me” a lot, and that was evidenced by the fact that he played it twice that day. :) I thought that was pretty awesome of him – a complete stranger, doing so much for me, simply because he enjoyed my music. That made me feel really good.

     The very first time one of my songs was played on the radio in Canada – it was “You Belong To Me”.  Well-known Bandleader Dal Richards kindly played it on his radio show in Vancouver one night, and gave me a nice little intro.  ( His wife used to be a regular customer of mine when I was a Cashier at a grocery store – a very lovely lady. ) Heather singing on the radio

     I have sung a lot of songs before that one, and since, but to this day, I think it is still my favourite one to perform. It has always meant a lot to me.  That is why, for my 100th Blog Post, I chose to write about this song I love so much.  Thanks for listening.

In events, life, music
21Apr 12

     My good friend and Producer Jarome Matthew and his amazing team at Pro Soul have just sent out a Press Release for my most recent song, “Cool and Careless”, to various press and media.

     If you haven’t heard the song yet, you can listen to it here. Here’s a bit of background to how the song came about.

     I just found out about this, and there are already several links to it online. I’d like to thank Jarome, and the Pro Soul Team, for all their hard work in promoting my latest track.  I would also like to thank all of you that have already downloaded the song, and written so many amazing e-mails to me about it.  It’s always great to hear your feedback, and your continued support is much appreciated!

     You can read the Press Release here.

Rose Schwarz Fundraiser

Posted by Heather
In events, life, music
18Mar 12

     We have known Rose Schwarz and her family for about 3 years – we met them shortly after we moved up here to B.C.’s Sunshine Coast.  They are good, decent, hardworking, kind, generous people, and they have been through so much in the last few years.  We care very much about them, and that is why I am writing this post.

     Rose suffers from a very rare disease called gastroparesis, and as a result, is unable to eat. ( she survives via a feeding tube )  She is constantly in pain, and suffers a variety of symptoms – none of which are pleasant.  Because she is so tiny, people wrongly make assumptions that she has an eating disorder. If they only knew the truth, perhaps they would be more compassionate.

     Rose has endured many procedures and surgeries in the quest to find a way to make her life less difficult, but so far, nothing has really helped.  It has all come down to a surgery that is booked for April 25th in Calgary – a gastroectomy, which will mean removal of her stomach. Her esophagus will be attached to her small intestine, and eventually, she’ll be able to actually eat small amounts of food for the first time in ages.

     The bottom line is: the family needs help with funds to get to Calgary, meals, accommodations etc.  They don’t like to ask for help, but this is their daughter’s life at stake, quite literally.

     Next Saturday, there will be a Fundraiser for Rose at Robert’s Creek Hall, from 7:30-11:00 p.m.  Tickets are $20 each, and include entertainment by some wonderful local musicians, as well as a Silent Auction.    Tickets can only be purchased in advance at: Gaia’s Fair Trade in Gibsons, MELOmania in Roberts Creek, or Strait Music in Sechelt.  It will be a fun night out, for a very worthy cause.

     If you are unable to attend but would like to help, cheques can be made out to “The Rose Fund” at the Sunshine Coast Credit Union, P.O. Box 375 Sechelt, B.C. V0N3A0.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

     Here are a couple of more in-depth articles recently written about Rose: in the Coast Reporter , and in The Province.

     As I’ve mentioned, we know Rose personally, and think the world of her. She is beautiful, intelligent, creative, funny, and has so much to give to this world.  I hope that some of you out there are able to help out – it would mean so much to them, and to us.

     Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and for your kindness and compassion.

     We love you, Rose !!!

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